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Before you begin: it’s a good idea to discuss applying for disability benefits with your doctor or health care provider. Does your doctor have ideas about something you could try that would help you work longer? Do they agree it’s time for you to stop working? Have you ever described for your doctor exactly how your medical condition interferes with your work activities or daily routine? Since SSA looks at doctor records to decide if you are disabled, it’s important that your doctor or health care provider knows how your condition impacts your ability to work.

SSA - Getting started: on SSA’s website is a ‘Disability Starter Kit’ you can print to help you gather the information you’ll need when you apply for benefits for yourself or your child. This is a good way to organize what you’ll need. Here are the links in English and Spanish:

Adult Starter Kits - English          Child Starter Kits - English          Adult Starter Kits - Espanol          Child Starter Kits - Espanol

SSA - How do I apply? SSA has an online application for Title II disability benefits only. If you need to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, or both, or aren’t sure, it’s best to let SSA help you with the applications, so you don’t overlook anything important. Call SSA’s national teleservice center at 1-800-772-1213 to make an appointment with your local office. You may ask for an in-office or telephone appointment and the teleservice center will schedule it for you. If you ask for a telephone appointment you must have minutes on your phone. Have the starter kit worksheet and checklist complete before your appointment so it'll go smoothly.

Free Prescription Medication: It’s hard to pay for needed medications if you aren’t working. Healthwell Foundation gives grants to help with copays and deductibles for medications and doctor visits. Most major pharmaceutical companies offer free or low cost prescription medication for those who qualify and complete an application. If you have access to the internet, put the phrase “free prescription medicine” in a search box, and look at the various programs. You’ll need to know which manufacturer makes your prescription. Follow the instructions to sign up for a monthly voucher. You may have to sign up for more than one program if you have multiple medications and they are made by different companies.

Free Health Care: if you hope to win a disability claim, it’s vitally important that you continue going to the doctor. You need to prove that your medical conditions continue to keep you from working. If you stop going to the doctor, SSA may assume you got better and no longer need any healthcare. How do you receive medical care without health insurance? There are free or low cost clinics in almost every county in North Carolina. Below are some free or low cost clinics in the counties Campbell Disability Center serves. If you know of any not listed here, or if there are any errors, please let us know.

You can also check on the National Organization of Free Clinic, Healthwell Foundation, and Needy Meds.


Stokes County is served by Community Care Center -
see Forsyth County listing.


Storehouse for Jesus Free Medical Ministries

464 Depot Street

Mocksville, NC 27028

Phone: 336-751-1060

Davie County also served by Community Care Center -
see Forsyth County listing


Open Door Clinic of Alamance County

1214 Vaughn Road, Suite 103

Burlington, NC 27217

Phone: 336-570-9800


Merce Clinic

1831 N. Fayetteville Street

Asheboro, NC 27203

Phone: 336-672-1300


Free Clinic of Reidsville & Rockingham

315 S. Main Street

Reidsville, NC 27323

Phone: 336-349-3220


Community Care Center – also serves Davie and Stokes Counties

2135 New Walkertown Road

Winston Salem, NC 27101

Phone: 336-723-7904

Bethany Baptist Church Medical Clinic

600 Old Hollow Road

Winston-Salem, NC 2710

Phone: 336-767-0760

Winston Salem Rescue Mission

710 N. Trade Street

Winston Salem, NC 27101

Phone: 336-723-1848


Community Clinic of High Point

779 N. Main Street

High Point, NC 27262

Phone: 336-841-7154


Surry Medical Ministries Clinic

813 Rockford Street

Mount Airy, NC 27030

Phone: 336-789-5058

Transportation: These volunteer organizations offer elderly and disabled persons transportation to medical appointments and the grocery store. Advance notice and/or reservations are required.

American Cancer Society (cancer patients) 1-800-227-2345 Ardmore Transportation Ministry 336 722-5686
Clemmons Transportation Ministry 336 766-6486 Lewisville Transportation Ministry 336 945-3203
The Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston Salem 336 748-0217 The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville 336 996-6696

Information and Referrals: the following agencies help people understand what services are available and how to access them.

Alzheimer's Association, Western Carolina Chapter 1 800 272-3900
FIRST Line Forsyth County General Information 336 703-3000
Greentree Peer Center - Winston-Salem 336 577-3743
Senior Services Help Line 336 724-2040

Insurance Information: These providers offer free education about health insurance options for seniors and for persons living with disabilities.

Senior Financial Care (SHIIP) 336 896-1328
Senior Services Help Line (SHIIP) 336 724-2040
Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program 1-800-443-9354
The Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston Salem (SHIIP) 336 748-0217

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